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We believe in fitness for everyone, and everyone has a right to be fit

We'll help you discover your needs and form a plan, with no obligation to join our community. 

We want to help you find your fit wherever best fits you. 



If you are in a season where you notice more aches and pains and you need more guidance, we are here to help!


Building strength and for the long term! Lifting and exercise should be for life and you can continue or start with us.

A 5 Star Gym

“If you are looking for the best, Temple Fitness is it! Over the years we have worked closely with the owners, Brynn and Dan, who sought out the best to constantly strive to bring more value to their clients, caring at a level you won't find at any other gym. Working closely with their team they not only provide expert programming and coaching but invest energy to really know you! You will have a team of coaches who care and encourage you to be the best you can be.”

- Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove, Owners of one of Men's Health Magazine's Top Ten Gyms in the country & Women's Health Magazine's Best Gyms in the USA, Results Fitness.


“If you are looking for top-notch coaching, a fantastic and welcoming community, and coaches who are invested in your health and well-being, Temple Fitness is the place to be! Over the past 1.5 years we have collaborated closely with the owners, Brynn and Dan, to make sure that their clients who are in Physical Therapy with us are able to make a seamless return to their training both safely and effectively. It is a rare thing for coaches and gym owners to be so hands-on in their clients' health and wellness journey, which just goes to show how much Brynn, Dan, and the rest of the Temple team want to see their clients succeed.”


- Dr. Brooks Kenderdine, Physical Therapist and Owner of The PATH Rehab & Performance.


The hardest part is just taking that first step.