Personalized Programming

Our Personalized Programming is designed specifically for each individual based on each person’s goals, movement quality, mobility, injuries, and experience in the weight room. Whether you want to lose inches, build strength, or move better in day-to-day life, our expert coaching team will customize a workout program for each member. As part of the Personalized Programming, members also have access to reserve a small group session which ensures priority access to equipment and a designated lifting station for each person. During the Personalized Programming sessions, there will be a coach leading the room to help with any questions and provide coaching for each member. The Personalized Programming can also be created for remote members that are working out at home or another facility.



The goal of our MetaBurn sessions is to get your heart rate up while simultaneously incorporating elements of strength and resistance training. During a session there may be a few other people going through the same workout with you and a coach on the floor to lead the room. Our coaches answer questions and assist to ensure each member is executing proper form and technique. Your workout progress is tracked through our programming system so you can see your progress over time!

The MetaBurn workouts utilize a variety of equipment and are specifically designed for your metabolic conditioning. This training style will help accelerate fat loss and build cardiovascular capacity and endurance. The small group atmosphere helps push you to your full potential.


Specialized Athlete Programs

Our Personalized Programming is also perfect for athletes looking to increase their competitive skills and overall athletic performance. We’ve trained athletes from many experience levels, from middle school student athletes to an Olympic hopeful – and everywhere in-between! Because of the highly customizable nature of our Personalized Programs, our team can design an effective training plan for any sport. Whether soccer, wrestling, gymnastics, track and field, baseball, bodybuilding, or obstacle course races…we believe that everyone needs a custom program to maximize their success!


USAPL Powerlifting Team

All Temple Fitness members have the opportunity to join our powerlifting team! We compete locally several times a year and prepare lifters for state, regional, national, and even international competitions. Our Temple Fitness Powerlifting Team is unique because of the diversity of our lifters. We have trained rookie lifters that have never used a barbell or heard of powerlifting to competitive athletes that have been invited to compete on the U.S. National Team. And we encourage folks from all walks of life to join the fun – we often have lifters anywhere between 14 to 60+ years old competing together! Our coaches love the sport but more than anything prioritize form and movement quality first for all of our powerlifters. We believe that everyone needs to move well before they can get strong!


Nutrition Coaching

Our goal is to help you build an overall healthier lifestyle. Which for most folks, means learning new habits in the kitchen! We offer several different methods of nutrition coaching including individual meetings with a coach, intensive 1:1 accountability programs, and periodic small group challenges. Whether you are looking to lose inches, build muscle, and/or improve your overall body composition, our coaches will help you build an effective nutrition strategy!


Online Services

Don’t live nearby? No problem! We offer lots of virtual workout options that you can use from anywhere! Our Personalized Programming can be designed for remote training – with or without equipment. Plus, all memberships include access to our Temple Fitness Vault and VIP Facebook Group. The Temple Fitness Vault hosts an always growing number of pre-recorded Conditioning workouts, stretching sessions, live Zoom recordings, and our monthly Group Conditioning workout detail. The Vault can be accessed via desktop computer or smartphone app! Additionally, our VIP Facebook Group allows you to connect with your fellow Temple Fitness community from anywhere. We use the VIP Group to share healthy recipes, gym updates, and (most importantly!) collective support and encouragement…virtually!



Let us help you get started on your fitness journey today!