Programs & Training


Beginner to Advanced

Temple Fitness is not just a ‘gym’, we are a training facility focused on program design. We design your program to fit your fitness level, health history and your goals. With personalized training programs, conditioning programs and specialized training programs you can reach your full fitness potential! We are here to train with purpose and focus; to learn and to reach new levels of strength and health through personalized program design.

Personalized Programing

We take time with each member to get to know you and your goals. With this detail along with results from a fitness assessment, we can then begin to design a program for you! Our personalized programming builds and progresses throughout your training progress. Your workouts are updated in 6-8 week phases, with testing phases included so that we can better track your progress toward your goals. Whether weight loss, muscle mass gain, getting stronger, or moving better – all these objectives can be addressed and accomplished as we continue your training plan.

All members at Temple Fitness train. All members at Temple Fitness are lifters. This looks different for each person. We have those who are just beginning in a training center/gym along side nationally ranked athletic performance athletes. But with your personalized program, you can rest assured that you will have a fun and challenging program to help you achieve your fitness aspirations.

Our Personalized Program packages come in either 2 day a week plans or 3+ days per week! This way you can decide what plan will work best for your goals and for your schedule.

See you soon to start YOUR training plan!


Our MetaBurn sessions are small group conditioning sessions. These sessions are designed to challenge you in cardiovascular output, strength, flexility and overall fitness. You can expect to focus on movement patterns and mobility as well as get a good sweat going and work on your strength capacity! With these focuses you will lose body fat, get stronger, put on muscle and move better.

When it comes to exercise, sometimes the perspective is just to get it done and check it off the list. This is not how we view exercise at Temple Fitness – we train. We have plans and programs designed to focus on improvement! Consistency and dedication is key. Your workouts are designed with both consistency and variety in mind – how does this work? You have the opportunity to practice similar exercises and movements but programs are updated every 6 to 8 weeks for that next progress push.

Are you ready to push your fitness level and boost your performance? Get energy from coaches and other members to push yourself even harder in your workouts by adding the MetaBurn to your fitness program.

Specialty & Seasonal Training Courses

  • DTS – General Fitness
  • DTS – Mobility Matters
  • DTS – Powerlifting

At Temple Fitness we are constantly looking for the best ways to train and help improve quality of life for our members and our community. We have specialty courses that run for 8-12 weeks and focus on specific fitness topics.

  • Do you want to learn more about exercise and how to complete exercises correctly and effectively?
    Join our General Fitness course!
  • Do you need to be more mobile in order to decrease hip pain, back pain, shoulder pain?
    Join our Mobility Matters course!
  • Do you want to be a better lifter?
    Join our Powerlifting seasonal course!

Always be watching our social media profiles to get updates on timing and registration for these courses!

You can participate as a member or a non-member. Separate rates apply for member and non-member participation in these seasonal training courses.

We look forward to seeing you soon for a specialized program for your fitness goals and to help improve your quality of life!