Group Conditioning Team Training

The goal of the Group Conditioning is for you to get your heart rate up while simultaneously incorporating elements of strength and resistance training. Our trainers will lead you through a series of exercises to ensure that each member is executing proper form and assisting with any modifications as needed. Our programming is designed to incorporate daily variety into the group circuits while also having the flexibility to be adjusted for each participant.

The circuits utilize a variety of equipment including (but not limited to) bodyweight, kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands, TRX bands, medicine balls, stability balls, equalizers, and etc. Our trainers demonstrate each exercise and correct usage of the equipment before the session begins.

The structure of the group circuit is unique because the trainer’s focus is on you as an individual. We are here to ensure that you are challenged appropriately based on your specific fitness level, mobility, and goals. At the same time, you are working alongside a community of like-minded members to create a positive, collective, and motivational group setting!



Our Semi-Private Strength program is designed for you to build muscle, strength, and overall movement quality. These sessions are Semi-Private, which means that there is limited attendance to maintain a maximum trainer to member ratio of 1:6. This small class size allows us to closely monitor your form and technique through each lift – ensuring that you are moving safely and efficiently in the weight room. Plus, you get the knowledge and attention of a personal trainer without the big price tag! Like our Circuit Training, our strength programming is designed to be customizable to your goals and lifting experience.



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