Absolutely! Temple Fitness is open to all levels of experience. Our trainers are here to assist you through every stage of the learning process!

Yes! In fact, we train several state and nationally ranked powerlifters. If your goal is to begin training for your first competition or improve your current lifts, your strength program can be modified accordingly.

You need to have an appointment for your consultation with a coach. And once you have an active membership, you also need to reserve each session in advance as each session has a capacity limit. We have a member app used to book all your training sessions!

Email us at [email protected] to setup your consultation appointment and first workout!

We can! There are modifications – progressions and regressions to exercises and we use these adjustments to help each person get a workout that will be effective based on those limitations.

Yes we do.  We focus on coaching people in nutrition decisions because each body is different and goals are different.  We want to help you find ways to make choices daily that will help you be healthier and see sustained results! By using the coaching method in nutrition is allows each person to become more familiar with diet and nutritional decisions that can be sustained in their own lifestyle and routine.  We want each person to be as successful as possible so do not want to hold information back from you!  


Looking to join our coaching team? Submit your resume and cover letter to us here: [email protected]


Let us help you get started on your fitness journey today!