“Temple Fitness has been, by far, the best gym that I have been a part of. The trainers are all knowledgeable and genuinely care about you and your limitations. My first week and beyond, I not only felt encouragement from the staff, but from the other clients as well making it feel more like a family. There are not enough good things that can be said about this gym. They are one of a kind”

– Nachelle

Thanks to the excellent fitness program at Temple Fitness, not only is my blood pressure finally under control, I also feel better at 52 than I have in years! It is fun to go to the gym. The instructors and members are great people!

– Cecelia

testimonial 1
Temple Fitness has changed my life and attitude when it comes to working out.  Dan and Brynn and their staff are terrific as coaches and motivators.  You will be part of a diverse group of individuals that are supportive, genuinely like being around each other, and all place wellness and fitness as a priority in their lives.  How can you not love a group like this?  It doesn’t matter how old you are or what shape you are in.  Temple Fitness is a great gym and cultivates an amazing community which will help anyone reach their goals!

– Susan

I’ve struggled to find a gym that worked for me – until Temple Fitness. I love walking in and being guided through a different workout every day; It takes the guesswork out of developing a routine on my own in order to meet my goals. I also appreciate the care that is taken to ensure that my form is correct so I don’t injure myself. Top it off with the amazingly supportive and fun Temple Fitness community…Finally a place that keeps me motivated and coming back for more!

– Beccy

I am 56 y/o and hadn’t exercised in years, until I found Temple Fitness. I hated lifting weights and now with the help of the very professional trainers and direct supervision, I am working out quite regularly. It is a great place, check it out you won’t be sorry.

– Lina

Since joining the gym almost six months ago I have lost over 18 inches and 30+ pounds. I feel so strong and even more importantly healthy.  I LOVE the individual attention and instruction from all the instructors. They really care and it really is like a family.  Thanks isn’t enough.

– Traci

Temple Fitness changed how I look, feel and my life!!

– Jin

testimonial 3
It is a great environment which involves good people who support one another,  great workouts, and a staff that makes it fun. I especially like the results each one of us see through dedication and hard work set by examples led by Dan and Brynn.

– Lu

Hello this is Jay and I just want to say I absolutely love Temple Fitness, love the atmosphere, the greeting when you walk in the door every day last but not least the results. Very motivating crew works here so on your down days where you’re not so sure you feel like working out they help you feel it. Excellent nutritional tips to help you find the results you’re looking for. I’m going into my 9th month at Temple Fitness and I couldn’t be happier the results of my investment and look forward to going most every day like I said on the days where you’re not so sure you feel like it they certainly help you get your motivation and grind on.

– Jay

testimonial 1
I enjoy coming to Temple Fitness because the trainers are knowledgeable and I can work on my goals without fear of injury because of doing the exercises incorrectly. I don’t feel pressured to become miss universe but am encouraged to improve on the things that are important to me like improving my strength and to not let getting older be the victor. I can stay strong and be a grandmother!  It’s more than a gym it’s learning how to become healthy in a family environment.

– Debi

To call this a “gym” wouldn’t be fair, it’s more of a community of people to draw knowledge from, to lean on, to grow with and to spend an incredible hour with each day. I’ve been a community member for about 3 years and the wealth of exercise knowledge I’ve gained has far outweighed anything I would have received anywhere else. Our “trainers” are mentors, friends, confidants and cheerleaders all in one. They come each day to not only train us for physical work but mental and emotional too. They helped me personally flip the switch on my “why”…turning my never ending quest “to be skinny” into a passion driven focus to be a stronger, healthier me – leading to far more success in the gym because “skinny” will never be word that describes my shape and I’m cool with that now! I love my Temple Fitness family and look forward to my class everyday.

– Allie

I love to workout here. All the trainers are so encouraging and friendly. I love the fact that they are always watching to make sure that you are doing exercises the right way and if you aren’t they help you get it right. They have helped me transform my body. I started  here in March of 2016 and have lost 30 lbs and am down 2 sizes. Whoo hoo! Great place to workout!!

– Amy

When I rolled into Temple Fitness 8 months ago I was not healthy and needed help. I was 40 lbs. overweight, had high blood pressure, slept poorly and had just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Over the years I had tried a variety of fitness plans, including big-box gyms and all kinds of home exercise equipment. But I had never been to a gym like Temple Fitness. I’ve found that doing metabolic circuits and strength training under Dan and Brynn’s close guidance is just the thing I need. It’s just the combination of variety and accountability that keeps me coming back for more. Dan and Brynn are an amazing duo. They are extremely knowledgeable and caring. They’re always aware of what the goals and abilities of their clients are and then encourage, adjust and motivate everyone to do their best. And it’s not just about ‘working out’. They will also help with a nutrition plan.  Dan sat down with me and went through how I was eating. Together we formulated a diet plan that I could stick to. With their help, guidance and support, I’ve lost 30 lbs., have been able to cut my blood pressure medications, my A1C levels have dropped dramatically, and my sleep has greatly improved. Not to mention that I had the pleasure of retiring an entire closet full of fat pants. I can’t recommend Dan, Brynn and Temple Fitness more highly.

– Bob

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