For the last three years, the Temple Power Team has brought new lifters to the USAPL Rookie Competition every January. The Rookie Competition is run a little bit differently than other meets hosted by the USAPL – one of the benefits is that each lifter is assigned a veteran “mentor” that is familiar with the rules and regulations within the federation. Another unique aspect of the competition is that you get the opportunity to lift alongside lifters that are all new to the sport as well. There is an extra-special sense of community in the Rookie meets that brings us back every year!

This January, we had the honor of bringing April to the Rookie Competition – and she did fantastic. After spending several months prepping for the meet, April stepped onto the platform for the first time hitting all new meet PR’s! Here is a full recap of April’s lifts:

Squat 1: 65kg/143.3lbs
Squat 2: 72.5kg/159.8lbs
Squat 3: 80kg/176.4lbs

Bench 1: 45kg/99.2lbs
Bench 2: 50kg/110.2lbs
Bench 3: 52.5kg/115.7lbs [No Lift]

Deadlift 1: 87.5kg/192.9lbs
Deadlift 2: 97.5kg/215lbs
Deadlift 3: 102.5kg/226lbs


“I enjoyed competing in the rookie meet; it was something I said I wanted to do and not many can say they’ve competed in a powerlifting competition. Not sure when I’ll compete again! My next goal is to drop the 15lbs off; I’ve gained since I started my new job. As well as working back in at least three circuits a week!”

– April