Our goal through the Member of the Month program is to acknowledge individuals that represent some of our core values here at Temple Fitness. Each month, one member will be highlighted through our social media platforms along with a questionnaire that will provide personal insight from each of them.

Our May Member of the Month is none other than KATOne of the many things that we love about Kat is her amazing intensity in the gym – she pushes herself through her workouts and raises in the overall energy in the gym every time she is here. Kat also shows a constant commitment to learn at the gym. She asks great questions that are a reflection of her commitment to improve, not just go through the movements of the workout. We are so grateful to have Kat as part of our gym family and represent Temple Fitness. Thank you, Kat!

Name: Kat L.

Favorite Color: WINNING! Or, ok – Orange

Favorite Workout Song: Dear Mr. Fantasy (performed by Traffic)

Favorite Exercise(s): Kettle Bell Cleans, done slow and heavy = everything feels it tomorrow. And, Heavy Deadlifts. They scare me, thrill me and make me feel like I’m tall. I am not tall.

What big goals/accomplishments are you proud of?: As a Type 1 Diabetic I work out as hard as I can as often as I can. This disease doesn’t define me; I fight daily for health and love my life.

What is your next goal that you are working toward?: The carrot of Power Lifting has been dangled in my view. I might just chase it.

What advice would you give to someone new that is just starting their journey? Take action in your life. Don’t worry or overthink your pursuit of fitness. It’s an action more than an achievement. The person you most admire is someone who made a choice and followed up on it one day at a time. Show up for yourself!