Our goal through the Member of the Month program is to acknowledge individuals that represent some of our core values here at Temple Fitness. Each month, one member will be highlighted through our social media platforms along with a questionnaire that will provide personal insight from each of them.

The February Member of the Month is none other than Alfredo! We are impressed by Alfredo’s focus in the gym. He values the importance of the mind/muscle connection through his exercises and strives to improve on even supplementary lifts – like grip strength and single leg exercises! Alfredo brings intensity to his training…even at our early bird 5:00AM class! We are so grateful to have Alfredo as part of our gym family and represent Temple Fitness. Thank you, Alfredo!

Name: Alfredo Silva

Favorite Color: Black/Grey/Blue

Favorite Workout Song: Anything by Rage Against the Machine

Favorite Exercise(s): Deadlifts and Bench work

What big goals/accomplishments are you proud of?: This is actually a difficult question, I have not really ever taken the time to think about this before, but I was really impressed when I was able to Deadlift 400+ lbs and being able to bench over 200 lbs.

What is your next goal that you are working toward?: Wow, another great question, I suppose to keep working on getting stronger, healthier and maintaining a good program that will promote further success in the gym.

What advice would you give to someone new that is just starting their journey?: Well, first off I would say, congratulations on making a great choice to begin your journey in becoming a healthier and stronger person. You have also made a great choice by choosing Temple Fitness to embark your journey, they will help you and push you in order to accomplish your goals. The road will not always be easy, they will be up and downs, good days and bad days, but you already made the right choices in both getting healthier and gym, now all you have to do is keep moving forward one step at a time and you will be able to achieve great things. Temple Fitness is not only a gym, staff and members truly care about each other and support and push each other in a way that wants you to be able to do more, I cannot express how much I really appreciate everything about my time with Tempe Fitness.  Again, congratulations on your choice and I hope that you will be able to achieve your goals.