Our goal through the Member of the Month program is to acknowledge individuals that represent some of our core values here at Temple Fitness. Each month, one member will be highlighted through our social media platforms along with a questionnaire that will provide personal insight from each of them.

Our April Member of the Month is none other than Bob! His spirit and encouragement is amazing – he’s in the cheering section of all of the powerlifting competitions, dyes his head purple for Spirit Week, and jumps at the opportunity to join every member challenge. Bob’s respect for his community and fitness journey has paid off – he has made some inspiring progress of his own! We are so grateful to have Bob as part of our gym family and represent Temple Fitness. Thank you, Bob!

Name: Bob H.

Favorite Color:

  • Orange

Favorite Workout Song: So many to pick from! Here are 2 hot off my playlist:

Favorite Exercise(s):

  • Push-ups and pull-ups
  • Love to hate: Sled push

What big goals/accomplishments are you proud of?:

  • Losing enough weight and getting shaped up enough to go off blood pressure medications and be able to donate blood again. Oh and type 2 diabetes? Not anymore!

What is your next goal that you are working toward?:

  • My main goal is always just staying healthy and keeping my weight down. The next big push would be to get rid of the remainders of the old spare tire and maybe even discover if there is a 1-6 pack hiding somewhere in there.
What advice would you give to someone new that is just starting their journey?:
  • Be patient. It can be frustrating at first because it all seems so hard and you hurt all the time. Just stick with it! It won’t necessarily get easier if you’re doing it right, but you will see results!
  • Ask your trainers for advice, they know their stuff. Then do what they tell you.