Finish the Year Strong – Fall Promotions


21 Day Challenge:
Fall Back Into Fitness

Schedules and routines have been thrown off for the last year and a half! It is time to take back an hour a day for your health and fitness.

Join us for a 21 Day Challenge to get into a routine again, to learn new exercises, and build a community of support for your health and fitness goals.

This challenge is designed to jump start your fat loss and help you find a routine in fitness again.

*Includes an outlined meal layout to help increase your progress!

STARTS: Tuesday, September 7th – September 28th

PROGRAM: Group MetaBurn Sessions (can attend any scheduled Coached Group MetaBurn session + our Mobility Yoga sessions)

COST: $132

CHALLENGE: Complete as many workouts as possible in 21 days! AND follow a meal plan to help trim down your waistline!

*Anyone who completes 12 workouts or more in this 21 Day Challenge will receive “Temple Fitness Cash” bonus for our next promotional workout challenge!

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FINISH THE YEAR STRONG Membership – 60 Workout Challenge

Can you complete 60 workouts in 4 months? We think so and we want you to join us to do so!

Get stronger, lose body fat, feel better and make new friends!

Join us for the 60 Workout Challenge to Finish the Year Strong

AND get a special rate!

At Temple Fitness, our annual agreement membership rate is setup at the best and lowest possible rate for all members! We are offering this ANNUAL rate for this 60 workout challenge.

Sign up for only 4 months but get the annual agreement rate as your monthly membership rate!

Sign up by September 1st for an active membership September 7th – December 31st and get the annual agreement rate as your monthly membership rate.

STARTS: September 7th – December 31st

PROGRAM: Can sign up at any available membership level – contact us for membership level detail and rates!

CHALLENGE: Complete 60 workouts before the end of 2021

*Anyone who completes 60 workouts between September 7th and December 31st will receive a special Temple Fitness gift basket PLUS “Temple Fitness Cash” equivalent to one month membership cost to apply to an annual agreement!

TO REGISTER Schedule your Strategy Session and mention “Finish the Year Strong”

Community Charity Workouts

Every other Saturday starting July 10th members and non-members can join us for a special group workout! These workouts are intense, focused, and dedicated to pushing your fitness capacity.

These workouts are free to members and non-members alike, to come and workout as a team, pushing for a stronger community!

As we are choosing a charity focus this summer, a recommended donation of $5-$10 per workout is recommended as we raise funds for the Parkinson’s Foundation.

We will be posting on our Facebook and Instagram pages ahead of these workout dates so you can plan to attend and invite friends and family to join you!

Join us for a workout – member or not – and help us reach our goal of $2,000 for the Parkinson’s Foundation!

Nutrition Saturday Series

FREE to members and non-members, scheduled right before our Community Charity Workouts, we will host a specific series on nutrition.

Talking about the mental aspects of how to succeed nutritionally along with the details of meal planning, measuring your success and staying on track.

You will have the opportunity to hear from a few coaches that have walked the path of weight loss and maintenance and gaining muscle and everything in between! You can learn and talk with others who have been through the process and have tips and experience to help you too.

Be watching our Facebook and Instagram pages for seminar dates and detail.

FREE – bring your friends!